No. 1 Philadelphia Issue: Jobs

Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Author: Marcia Gelbart

02/26/2009 - Reflecting the ailing economy, Philadelphians said in a new poll that they consider a lack of jobs to be the number-one problem they face.

Of 1,600 adult residents surveyed about the "state of the city" between Jan. 2 and 19, 70 percent rated a lack of employment as a "very" or "somewhat" serious issue for them.

But when it came to identifying what they disliked about the city or why they might pack up and leave, the answer was something else: too much crime.

* * *

"These results are a reminder that people consider protection from violence and crime to be the basic city service," said Larry Eichel, project director of the Philadelphia Research Initiative, a unit of Pew Charitable Trusts that oversaw the poll and is assessing issues affecting Philadelphia. "Unless Philadelphians feel safe, little else matters to them."

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