A Guide To Bailout Transparency Sites

Publication: Columbia Journalism Review

Author: Elinore Longobardi

01/30/2009 - It is no secret that bailout transparency is a problem.

Now that taxpayers have become financiers, we have a right to know where the money is going. In search of organizations with the curiosity and resources to help figure that out, we trolled the Internet for good, easily available bailout information and came up with several sites worth looking at.

* * *

ProPublica offers rigorous analysis of the bailout. Moving beyond aggregating information, it offers excellent investigative reporting and commentary on the numbers.

Another important resource is Subsidyscope, a work-in-progress by The Pew Charitable Trusts and The Sunlight Foundation, whose aim is to track the bailout money in detail. They get the prize for the jazziest interactive subsidy-chart. They also provide a clear list of relevant documents.

Read the full report A Guide To Bailout Transparency Sites on the Columbia Journalism Review's Web site.

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