BUDDIE 'Fact Tank' Explores Zeitgeist

Publication: Information Today

Author: Mick O'Leary

02/09/2009 - It's a somber awards season this year as the entire world suffers economic, political, and climatic catastrophes. Sarah Palin is back in Alaska, so even the fun is gone. But amid this rampant dysfunction, it's even more important to celebrate excellence. Thus, we award the BUDDIE for Best Unknown Database to emphasize that databases of high importance and quality are hidden in the vast wasteland that is the internet.

* * *

The 2008 BUDDIE winner is the Pew Research Center.

Wait, the Pew Research Center?

Yes, I know what you're thinking. The Pew Research Center isn't exactly unknown, and who cares anyway? First of all, yes, PRC reports are often cited in the media indeed, and PRC director Andrew Kohut is often quoted. But there is a strong iceberg effect here: The total PRC production is much larger and more diverse than you might think, and it deserves your fuller attention. And, yes, PRC is super-earnest. But wonkiness is in now. Impulsive, gut-based decision making and "ready-fire-aim" management are out. Cool, evidenced-based deliberations and pragmatic, skill-based implementation are in. And the Pew Research Center provides high-octane fuel for wonky leadership.

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