Grant Makers Spur Creation of Statewide Nonprofit Database

Publication: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Author: Darlene M. Siska

02/09/2009 - As a busy nonprofit leader, Bruce Katsiff didn't want to spend hours pouring his group's financial data into a Web site, but he is happy he did. Mr. Katsiff says his organization, the James A. Michener Art Museum, in Doylestown, Pa., now has $40,000 more toward its capital campaign because he made the effort.

Back in 2004, Mr. Katsiff was told by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts that he would have to enter financial and organizational information about the museum online at the Pennsylvania Cultural Data Project — or else his group wouldn't be eligible for continued support.

The online project was developed by a group of seven grant-making organizations and art associations in Pennsylvania. The goal was to allow arts groups to apply in a streamlined — nearly one-click — process for grants from the private and government organizations that sponsor the project, and to compile reliable data on Pennsylvania arts groups.

* * *

Neville Vakharia, project manager for Pew, says that the project's organizers thought if they were going to ask for lots of data from applicants, they would in return provide management tools, such as those that allow groups to create an annual report, to keep track of their financial information, and to follow trends at their organizations.

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