Obama Presses for Tougher Controls on US Car Emissions

Publication: The Guardian

Author: Suzanne Goldenberg

01/27/2009 - Barack Obama made his opening move in the greening of America's economy yesterday, using his presidential authority to press for tougher emissions controls on cars and promising global leadership on climate change.

In signing a pair of executive orders, Obama delivered his strongest repudiation to date of the policies of George Bush, inviting environmentalists to the White House to announce that America would play a global leadership role on climate change. In a further sign of Obama's commitment to the green agenda, the state department yesterday named Todd Stern, a former Clinton administration official who played a key role in the Kyoto negotiations, as its envoy on climate change.


"Amidst the array of challenges facing his administration, President Obama's actions today send a clear signal to America and the world that his administration will play a leadership role on energy and global warming," said Phyllis Cuttino, director of the Pew Environment Group's global warming campaign.

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