Editorial: Franklin Court Museum

Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer

01/22/2009 - Years from now, Philadelphia historic area visitors still will be able to enjoy the benefits of one parting gesture from the Bush administration - even if few may realize it.

In former President George W. Bush's final full week in office, federal officials came up with a crucial $6 million grant to complete funding for the rescue of Philadelphia's bicentennial-era museum in honor of Benjamin Franklin.

With an additional $12 million from the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Rendell administration, and other private donors, the long-delayed upgrade of the Franklin Court museum can move ahead.

That means more than just patching leaks that let rainwater flood into the Old City attraction - woes that trigger the periodic closure of the museum. More important, the project will transform the unique underground museum once again into a must-see destination with the latest in exhibit technology, re-created rooms from Franklin's house, a gift shop, and a cafe.

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