Study: Overseas Military Personnel Face Time Challenges when Voting

Publication: ABC News

Author: Huma Khan

01/06/2009 - A third of U.S. states are lagging behind in providing overseas military personnel enough time to vote in the elections, according to a study released today by the Pew Center on the States.

The report states that 25 states and the District of Columbia need to improve their absentee voting process to guarantee that votes from overseas military personnel are counted.

"We're concerned about all voters and voters not having unnecessary barriers being placed in their path," said David Becker, project director for Pew's Make Voting Work. "The voters who face the greatest challenge are overseas and military voters for several reasons: they have to navigate a patchwork of state laws and they have difficulty getting accurate information from election officials. They have the additional problem of relying on overseas and military mail to get information being delivered in hard copy."

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