Bush Creates 3 More Marine Preserves in Pacific

Publication: NPR's Morning Edition

Author: Richard Harris

01/06/2009 - Today, President Bush is planning to create three vast new marine national monuments way out in the Pacific Ocean. If fully implemented, with the stroke of a pen, he will protect a total area larger than California. These preserves are designed to conserve areas that are unspoiled — and largely unvisited — by human beings, including the deepest canyon on earth, the Mariana Trench.

* * *

"It's the sole place on earth that has huge active mud volcanoes, one more than 30 miles across," says Josh Reichert of the Pew Environment Group. One bird species, the Micronesian Megapode, is the only known living bird which uses volcanic heat to incubate its eggs, says Reichert.

And, says Reichert, the trench contains the second boiling pool of liquid sulfur ever discovered. The first one is on one of Jupiter's moons.

Read the article and listen to the story Bush Creates 3 More Marine Preserves in Pacific on NPR's Web site.

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