Imagine There's No Diebold

Publication: San Mateo County Times

12/19/2008 - Warren Slocum, San Mateo County's chief elections officer, participated in a national conference on America's voting system earlier this month in Washington, D.C.

The three-day bull session was put on by the Pew Center on the States, along with the JEHT Foundation, with the goal of brainstorming solutions to common problems from public wariness of electronic voting machines to long lines at the polls.

For Slocum, it was a chance to get creative as he participated in a Dec. 9 panel discussion titled, "Imagine we could start over: How would you design an election system?"

Slocum was joined on that panel by roughly a half-dozen elections officials, including the secretaries of state for Kentucky and Missouri. The conference itself was attended by a wide range of voting wonks, from academics to congressional staffers.

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