Survey Reveals Voting Disparities on Nov. 4

Publication: USA Today

Author: Richard Wolf

12/09/2008 - Among the findings of the survey, conducted for the Pew Center on the States and senior citizens' lobby AARP:

• More than one in 10 voters were asked for identification in states where it is not required. In the three states that require a photo ID — Florida, Georgia and Indiana — two in 10 voters were never asked to provide it. Hispanics were asked for ID more often in those states than other voters.

• While 75% of Election Day voters said they were confident their ballots were counted correctly, the number dropped to 61% among absentee voters.

• Democrats were more confident about the process in states that traditionally vote Democratic, such as New York, and Republicans in "red states" such as Texas. In states such as Virginia that were closely contested, independent voters were less confident about the process.

• Among those who did not vote, 16% said they had registration problems, 10% couldn't find their polling places, and 8% said their requested absentee ballots never arrived.

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