This Time, Election System Worked. But Why?

Publication: Associated Press

Author: Deborah Hastings

11/05/2008 - After all that fuss, the system worked. There was no meltdown, no flurry of lawsuits, no statewide demands for a presidential recount.

So does that mean America's voting machinery is finally fixed? And why did it work so well under record-setting turnout?

* * *

"America had its game face on," said Doug Chapin, director of at the Pew Center for the States. "Election officials and poll workers and voters were laser-focused on what they needed to do. They were willing to stand in line. They knew about early voting. They were vigilant about hiring extra poll workers."

Yet, Chapin said, "we need to do more. We didn't have a close election, and that took some of the pressure off."

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