Voters to Decide Whether Animals Need More Space

Publication: Washington Post

Author: Ashley Surdin

10/26/2008 -  In a clash between a major state industry and the growing humane farming movement, California voters will decide next month whether the state's farms must afford more living space to veal calves, egg-laying hens and pregnant sows.

Under ballot measure Proposition 2, farmers would be prohibited from confining these animals in a way that does not let them turn around freely, lie down, stand up or fully extend their limbs. Cages and crates now commonly used to house them would be banned.


Proponents point to an April report sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trusts and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The 2 1/2 -year independent analysis "Putting Meat on the Table: Industrial Farm Production in America" found that factory farming takes a hidden toll on human health and the environment, is undermining rural America's economic stability and fails to provide the humane treatment of livestock increasingly demanded by American consumers.

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