Survey Explodes Video Game Myth

Publication: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Author: Paul Nyhan

09/17/2008 - Video gaming is more social than many parents think, with teenagers often playing together and picking up a few social lessons, which is good news because nearly all teens play, a national survey has found.

Today, video games have permeated almost every family, with 97 percent of teenagers playing some type of game and nearly two-thirds of active players playing in the same room, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

The report suggests the image of anti-social teenagers isolated in their bedrooms playing video games simply isn't accurate. Instead, teenagers play a wide range of games from "Civilization" to the infamously violent "Grand Theft Auto IV."

"There is a possibility here for educators to harness the engagement associated with video games and the opportunities for learning that come with rich simulation" said Joe Kahne, a co-author of the report. Morgan Kluck doesn't fit the stereotype. The 16-year-old doesn't play video games very often, and when he does, he's with friends.

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