Senate OKs Foster Care Reform; Bush to Get Bill

Publication: Detroit Free Press

Author: Robin Erb

09/24/2008 - Michigan's foster children may get three more years of help from the federal government -- to age 21 -- and aunts, uncles, grandparents and other relative caregivers may be in line, too, for some financial aid.

Federal legislation passed by the Senate on Monday and by the House earlier would reshape federal funding of child welfare, help states cover staggering costs of caring for children in foster care and move children to permanent homes quicker, advocates said.


"It's a huge day for us," said Bill Frenzel, a former congressman who co-chaired the Pew Commission, a group that lobbied to change foster care. The commission's goal is to put foster children in permanent families.

Congress, Frenzel said, "didn't do everything we asked them to do, but ... we feel awfully good."

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