Groups Aim To Ease Overseas Voting For Americans

Publication: NPR's Morning Edition

Author: Pam Fessler

09/17/2008 - Most people listening to this report have 48 more days before they vote in this year's elections. But for an estimated 6 million Americans living overseas or serving in the military, deadlines to receive and cast a ballot are rapidly approaching, and some might have already missed the boat.

Kelly McBride has voted from Latin America on and off for about 20 years. Voting has not been easy. Mail delays and complicated rules have forced her to come up with her own system to get a ballot to her home state of Florida.


It's never been easy for Americans living overseas to vote, as the numbers show. In 2006, only a third of the 1 million absentee ballots requested by military and overseas Americans were cast and counted. Michael Caudell-Feagan, of the Pew Center on the States, says every state has different rules.

"When will your ballot be mailed to you? Well, that's going to depend upon your state," he said. "Do you have to have that ballot notarized or an affidavit? It's going to depend on that state. Will your vote be counted? Too often it will depend on that state."

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