Census Data Project More Diversity at Work

Publication: USA Today

Author: Emily Bazar and Paul Overberg

08/14/2008 - The U.S. workforce will become increasingly diverse over the next three decades, a shift that could bring changes in education, training and public policy, according to a USA Today analysis of Census data released Thursday.

Racial and ethnic minorities in the USA will become a majority in 2042, but the working-age population — those 18 to 64 — will cross that threshold three years earlier, the projections say. By 2050, minorities will make up 55% of the working-age population. The share of the population that is working-age will drop steadily, from 63% to 57% in 2050.

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Jeffrey Passel, senior demographer at the Pew Hispanic Center, whose analysis of Census data in February reached similar conclusions, says the U.S.-born children and grandchildren of immigrants will account for much of the growth in minorities, and they will be more educated than their parents.

"More and more of the Hispanic population is going to be native in the future," he says. "These are people who have grown up here, gone to American schools and grown up speaking English."

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