Troops Disenfranchised from Voting System, Advocates Say

Publication: Chattanooga Times Free Press

Author: Lauren Gregory

07/25/2008 - U.S. troops stationed overseas will be among those most affected by the outcome of November’s presidential race, yet they’ll have to jump through more hoops than the average citizen to have their say in who should win, voting rights advocates say.

“I don’t think military personnel necessarily believe they should be treated differently than the rest of absentee voters, but the current absentee voting system disenfranchises some of them,” said Bob Carey, a Navy reservist and board member of the nonprofit Overseas Vote Foundation.

* * *

Michael Caudell-Feagan, a senior officer at Pew Center on the States, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit research institution, said his organization has launched a “multi-year campaign” to make voting easier and more streamlined for civilians and military members living overseas.

Unfortunately, these “are not a significant part of anyone’s electorate, and they’re widely dispersed, so they’re easy to forget about,” he said.

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