Efforts Made to Break Logjam on Voting

Publication: Stars & Stripes

Author: Geoff Ziezulewicz

08/26/2008 - As Election Day looms, smaller public and private entities are taking their own steps to help overseas voters in the face of federal government efforts they characterize as high-cost, low-use and chronically late.

The Defense Department’s Federal Voting Assistance Program spent more than $30 million on electronic voting initiatives since 2000 with varying levels of success to give overseas Americans better options for absentee voting.


The foundation’s Web site includes applications that help voters register, request absentee ballots and find out their home state’s unique requirements. After users are prompted to fill in the required information for their state, a PDF is generated that voters print, sign and mail to their local election office.

"Just like TurboTax helps taxpayers navigate the tax code, the OVF tool does the same thing," said Michael Caudell-Fegan, of the Pew Charitable Trust’s Make Voting Work initiative, which helped fund the OVF project.

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