Ah, Wilderness!

Publication: Living on Earth

Author: Bruce Gellerman

08/15/2008 - GELLERMAN: From the Jennifer and Ted Stanley Studios in Somerville, Massachusetts - this is Living on Earth. I'm Bruce Gellerman, in for Steve Curwood. President Bush doesn't score high marks on environmentalists' report cards. And congress doesn't do much better. But with just a few months left to his term, the president and lawmakers are trying to create an environmental legacy. Living on Earth's Jeff Young hit the trail to learn more.


YOUNG: Wilderness advocate Mark Miller leads me through Virginia's Shawver's Run wilderness to a rocky outcrop he says has one of the region's most spectacular views. Now, I grew up in the mountains. So I've got pretty high standards when it comes to pretty scenery. But when we reach the cliff, I have to admit—he's right.


YOUNG: The view also represents seven years of work by Miller and others with the advocacy group, Campaign for America's Wilderness. That's how long it's taken to get the aptly named Virginia Ridge and Valley Wilderness bill before Congress. Fifteen hundred acres of the wooded slopes we see here would become wilderness, as would another 42 thousand acres in other counties—the biggest such land conservation measure in Virginia in 20 years.

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