Poll: Salvation Through Myriad Faiths

Publication: Washington Times

Author: Julia Duin

06/24/2008 - Most Americans say that many roads lead to heaven, according to a U.S. Religious Landscape Survey released Monday by the Pew Forum.

Seventy percent of all Americans say their religion is not the only path to eternal life, according to the second half of a massive survey of 35,000 Americans that charts religious attitudes and beliefs.

Only two religious groups did not agree with the phrase "many religions can lead to eternal life." Eighty-four percent of Jehovah's Witnesses and 61 percent of Mormons disagreed with that phrase, followed by 43 percent of evangelical Christians - the next largest group.

The poll showed "an enormous diversity" in American religion, said John Green, a senior fellow at Pew. "I was stunned."

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