Faith in America

Publication: ABC News

06/23/2008 - In today's society, faith can sometimes become a weapon in so-called "culture wars."

However, new poll numbers released today from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life show that Americans are overwhelmingly open-minded about faith. A majority of Americans -- 70 percent -- say that many religions, not just their own, can lead to eternal life.

* * *

John Green, who conducted the poll, was genuinely surprised by the results. The findings show that 83 percent of mainline Protestants, 79 percent of Catholics, 82 percent of Jews, and 56 percent of Muslims concur that eternal life is not exclusive to their faith.

"I didn't think it would be that high," Green remarked, "and I didn't think that the figures would extend to so many different religious communities."

Watch the video "Faith in America" and read the related story Pew Survey Finds Surprising Flexibility in American Religious Tolerance on the ABC News Web site.

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