Herring Alliance Leaders Discuss 'Out of Balance' Report in Tele-Press Briefing

Author: Peter Baker, Roger Fleming and Pam Lyons-Gromen

05/21/2008 - Peter Baker of the Pew Environment Group, Roger Fleming of Earthjustice, and Pam Lyons-Gromen of the National Coalition for Marine Conservation discuss the report “Out of Balance: Industrial Fishing and the Threat to Our Ocean" and the problems and solutions it presents. 

The report exposes a threat to New England's coastal waters that has gone largely unnoticed in recent decades: the mismanagement of the commercial Atlantic herring industry. 

The report details the pivotal role Atlantic herring play in the region’s ecosystem and economy, and charts the growth of the industrial-scale herring fleet that jeopardizes the health of this key resource.

The release of the report was announced at a press conference in Portland, Maine on the eve of the second public hearing for Amendment 4 Scoping.

Listen to the tele-press briefing on the Herring Alliance Web site.

Read more about the report "Out of Balance: Industrial Fishing and the Threat to Our Ocean."

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