Saving the Earth's Forests, 25 Million Acres at a Time

Publication: Seattle Times

Author: Carey Quan Gelernter

04/21/2008 - Meet Steve Kallick, director of Seattle-based International Boreal Conservation Campaign.

Recent coup: Canada agreed to preserve 25 million acres of boreal forest and wetlands.

"Audacious" goal: 1.5 billion acres of Canadian boreal kept partly wild, partly sustainably developed, despite pressures from uranium, gold and diamond mining and oil and gas booms.

What's boreal? The planet's largest land-based carbon storehouse; Canada's boreal is the world's largest remaining undeveloped forest. Boreal, or great northern forest, circles the northern tier of the globe, from Sweden to North America.

* * *

Q: You've knit together a coalition of some industry and environmental groups, First Nations, birders, scientists. Interesting bedfellows?

A: We're a little post-boomer in our approach. It's not "spotted owl vs. timber." It's "let's work together, how can you benefit from green credentials and credibility?"

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