Excerpt from Proceedings: Cancer-related Genetic Testing and Counseling Workshop

Source Organization: Genetics and Public Policy Center

Speaker: Gail Javitt

Venue: National Cancer Policy Forum

03/30/2007 - Gail Javitt, Esq., Law and Policy Director, Genetics and Public Policy Center, Johns Hopkins University: Implications of Home Tests and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: I am going to talk about the policy implications of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing, particularly focusing on tests for cancer. DTC genetic testing actually means different things to different people. There is DTC that is advertising-only - to promote awareness and demand - and the test must be ordered by, and delivered to, a health care provider. Then there is DTC in which everything is DTC: Consumers can order the test without a doctor and get the results without a doctor. And finally, there is a hybrid, where consumers order, generally through a website, without their own health care provider, but there is a counselor and/or provider on the staff of the company that is providing the service who authorizes the transaction. The results go straight back to the consumers without going to their personal physicians.

Read the entire statement of Gail Javitt at the workshop, "Cancer Related Genetic Testing and Counseling," presented to the National Cancer Policy Forum.

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