Bush Signs Wild Sky Wilderness Into Law

Publication: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Author: Jennifer A. Dlouhy

05/08/2008 - For the first time in more than two decades, Washington state is getting a new wilderness area because President Bush signed legislation Thursday to protect more than 106,000 acres of forests and streams in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

Environmental advocates and lawmakers who had pushed for the Wild Sky Wilderness Area applauded Bush's signature and said they looked forward to other wilderness projects in the state.

* * *

Jon Owen, with the Campaign for America's Wilderness, one of Wild Sky's supporters, said the project has been marked by "careful, thorough collaboration, where Senator Murray and Representative Larsen and members of the wilderness community have reached out ... and consulted with local stakeholders to garner support."

Wild Sky also is unique in the type of land it protects -- low-elevation old-growth forests and 25 miles of salmon-bearing streams. Roughly one-third of the area that will be protected consists of lands under 3,000 feet -- making it easy for hikers and hunters to use.

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