Effort To Boost Not Just Attendance, But Engagement

Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer

Author: Stephan Salisbury

05/08/2008 - The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance believes it can help double audience participation at area arts events over the next 12 years.

And the Pew Charitable Trusts has put up $5 million to help finance an elaborate marketing effort - called Engage 2020 - to push for that goal, officials intend to announce today.

The Wallace Foundation and the Philadelphia Foundation also are providing funds for the project's initial $6.3 million, four-year effort.

"What we're talking about is getting more Philadelphians involved in arts and culture," said Tom Kaiden, chief operating officer of the alliance. "It's fundamentally about changing the arts experience to make it more accessible to more people."

In practical terms, this means that a substantial amount of money will flow into marketing research and planning, officials said.

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