Bush to Give Goals for Greenhouse Gases

Publication: The New York Times

04/16/2008 - President Bush will deliver a Rose Garden speech on Wednesday to lay out specific goals for limiting the greenhouse gases that scientists say are responsible for warming the planet — a first for a White House that has been accused of dragging its feet in addressing the problem of climate change.

Mr. Bush will use the speech to “make a commitment” to other nations about the intentions of the United States and will announce “an intermediate goal that will lead to a long-term goal,” said Tony Fratto, the deputy White House press secretary.

Mr. Fratto would not be more specific, but he said Mr. Bush did not intend to lay out a specific plan for achieving the reductions.

The announcement will deliver on a promise Mr. Bush made last June, when he said the United States would set specific targets for reducing emissions and called on other high-polluting nations to do the same.

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