That’s What I Like About Me

Publication: The New York Times

Author: Andrew Kohut

04/04/2008 - At the start of his run for the presidency, Barack Obama would explain the positive reaction he was getting from admirers by saying “this is more about you than about me.” Now that Mr. Obama is the front-running Democratic candidate, an in-depth look at how voters are reacting to him — and the reasons for those reactions — lends considerable credence to his characterization of public opinion. It turns out, however, that the “it’s about you” phenomenon is a little broader than the Mr. Obama might have imagined. It pertains not only to reasons for liking and supporting him, but is also relevant to reasons for disliking him and for supporting Hillary Clinton.

This is what the Pew Research Center learned in a poll conducted in late March. The analysis of the poll focused on white Democrats, as they have been the swing voters in the nomination contests. A series of questions asked respondents about the personal qualities — both positive and negative — they associated with each candidate, special sources of unease and the general feelings that the two candidates stirred in them.

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