Religion Is Less a Birthright Than a Good Fit

Publication: The New York Times

Author: Dana Jennings

03/02/2008 - I was raised a Protestant in a Rockwellian New Hampshire village that was the proud home to stout, wood-frame churches and Saturday night ham-and-bean suppers.

There were four of us kids, and these days my sister and my middle brother are born-again Christians, and my youngest brother is a Catholic. Me? I’m the Jew.

As startling as all this sacred change might still be to our parents, my siblings and I haven’t been alone in our adult search for new divine teams to pray with. According to a survey of religious affiliation released last week by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, more than a quarter of adult Americans have left the faith of their childhood, either choosing a new one or easing into a life of no faith.

When it comes to religion, it seems, Americans prefer a buffet of the spirit.

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