Brand Disloyalty

Publication: The Economist

Author: The Economist

02/28/2008 - Barack Obama is the son of a secular Christian mother and secular Muslim father. He spent time at a Muslim school in Indonesia. At Columbia University he was a student of Nietzsche. Later, he turned to God and joined an historically black Christian church in Chicago.

Mr Obama is clearly an unusual fellow. But his spiritual voyage is far from atypical. Two conclusions leap out from a huge new survey of the American religious landscape—based on interviews with no fewer than 35,000 people—from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

The first is that America remains an unusually religious country for an industrial nation. About eight in ten adults (78%) say that they belong to the Christian tradition in one of its manifestations and 5% say that they adhere to other faiths. The second is that the religious marketplace is extraordinarily fluid and dynamic.

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