Setting Standards: Biotechnology in the Marketplace

Source Organization: Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology

12/15/2004 - The Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology convened an invitation-only workshop entitled “Setting Standards: Biotechnology in the Marketplace” to provide stakeholders from all segments of the food chain along with representatives from government, academia, and consumer groups with an opportunity to discuss different types of standards, how markets have determined when standards are necessary, the different roles for various stakeholders, how public policies can influence standard setting, and how standards impact international trade.

The December 2004 workshop allowed participants to explore examples of other agricultural marketing standards and to consider possible lessons that may aid any who seek to develop standards for agricultural biotechnology.

This summary was produced in an effort to capture the discussions that took place at the December 2004 workshop “Setting Standards: Biotechnology in the Marketplace.” These proceedings highlight a variety of different perspectives on what marketing challenges and opportunities exist in emerging markets. The views described here are intended to reflect the exchanges among participants only, and do not necessarily represent the policies of either the sponsoring or participants’ organizations.

Read the complete proceedings Setting Standards: Biotechnology in the Marketplace.

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