Opportunities and Challenges: States and the Federal Coordinated Framework Governing Agricultural Biotechnology

Source Organization: Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology

05/27/2006 - In May 2006, the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology and the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) held a workshop examining issues relating to the federal regulatory system governing agricultural biotechnology—known as the Coordinated Framework—and the appropriate role for state agriculture agencies in that system.

The workshop, which took place in San Diego, CA, was the third of three sponsored by the Pew Initiative and NASDA. Participants included representatives from state and federal regulatory agencies and Departments of Agriculture, as well as several experts in food safety, plant and animal health, pesticide law and the regulation of genetically engineered (GE) plants, animals and microbes. All gathered to discuss lessons learned from state experiences navigating the current regulatory scheme and to explore and develop potential models and ideas for enhancing communication and collaboration between state and federal representatives in navigating the Coordinated Framework and the oversight of GE crops and animals.

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Workshop Agenda

May 24, 2006

  • Adrian Polansky, Secretary of Agriculture, Kansas and NASDA Biotech Task Force Chair    
  • Orlo (Bob) Ehart, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture    
  • Keith Pitts, Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology General Introduction and Overview of the Federal Coordinated Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology    
  • Michael Rodemeyer, Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology
History and General Responsibilities of the Major Agencies Involved in Implementing the Federal Coordinated Framework

  • Tom Bundy, Former Deputy Assistant General Counsel for USDA    
  • Fred Degnan, King & Spaulding, Former Assistant General Counsel for FDA    
  • Larry Culleen, Arnold & Porter, Former Chief of Staff to the Assistant Administrator, EPA-OPPTS
Recent Federal Agency Activities Affecting the Coordinated Framework

  • USDA - Cindy Smith, Deputy Administrator, APHIS-BRS    
  • FDA - Mary Ditto, Office of Food Additive Safety, FDA-CFSAN    
  • EPA - Jim Jones, Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA-OPPTS
State Experiences with, and Lessons Learned from, Experiences with the Federal Coordinated Framework or the Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology Products

  • Secretary Adrian Polansky/Bob Ehart, NASDA    
  • Robin Pruisner, Iowa Department of Agriculture    
  • Carol Okada, Hawaii Department of Agriculture    
  • Paul Liemandt, AAPCO
May 25, 2006

Models and Approaches for Enhancing State-Federal Communication and Cooperation

  • Mike Taylor, University of Maryland, former Deputy Commissioner, FDA    
  • Stan Abramson, Arent Fox, former Assistant General Counsel, EPA    
  • Jim O’Reilly, University of Cincinnati

    Given what you have heard so far, what are some ideas, options, and tools for optimizing and enhancing the State-Federal relationship to work within the Coordinated Framework?

    -Group Discussion

    What are potential impediments to building a new State-Federal relationship with the Coordinated Framework, and how can these impediments be addressed?

    -Group Discussion

    What are potential next steps to promote an optimal working relationship with the Coordinated Framework?

    -Group Discussion

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