Biotech in the Barnyard

Source Organization: Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology

09/24/2002 - Animals have long served humans in many roles, and humans have taken responsibility for their care. Today, biotechnology is offering new opportunities for animals to provide vital services. Scientists are developing transgenic animals - animals with genes inserted from another organism - with a variety of goals, including treating human disease, easing the shortage of organs for transplant patients, improving the efficiency of food production and providing more nutritious foods.

This new application of biotechnology also raises questions. How safe are the products from these animals? What impact is there on the environment? How might this technology affect the welfare of the animals themselves?

This two-day multidisciplinary workshop will provide an in-depth exploration of both the potential benefits of genetically engineered animals and the potential risks. Representatives of industry, academia, consumer and environmental groups, and policy leaders are encouraged to attend

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