State of Media: Old Principles Still Pertinent

Publication: Baltimore Sun

Author: David Zurawik

03/17/2008 - New technology is not automatically making for more democracy - nor is it pushing old media elites into the background, as many analysts have predicted.

While longtime giants of American media, such as Time Warner and NBC, are successfully adapting to the digital landscape, citizen journalists and bloggers are emulating old media "gatekeeper" ways by restricting access to other new voices once they get established online.

Those are among the findings of the State of the News Media 2008 report issued today by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, a research organization based in Washington. And they offer some good news for those who believe in the traditional values of journalism and the old-line companies that produce work based on those standards, according to Tom Rosenstiel, director of the project.

"Even with so many new sources, more people now consume what old media newsrooms produce, particularly from print, than before," the report says, citing the fact that the top 10 news Web sites are dominated by "old brands" like Time Warner (owner of CNN) and The New York Times.

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