Journalism 'Troubled,' Not Lost, Report Suggests

Publication: The Washington Times

Author: Jennifer Harper

03/17/2008 - It's grim in journalism, but not hopeless, according to "The State of the News Media 2008" report, a massive annual assessment of print, broadcast and online news released today by the Project for Excellence in Journalism.

In a word, the press is more "troubled" these days. The future, however, is not without promise.

Nationwide, reporters, editors, producers and executives collectively worry about financial woes, fragmented audiences and an identity crisis brought on by the clash between the mainstream press and the vibrant but often unvetted surge of citizen journalism. The fourth estate wonders if traditional news values will suffer under strident demands to cultivate more readers, viewers and listeners through slick and entertaining delivery systems.

Rumors of journalism's demise, though, are premature.

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Read the full report, The State of the News Media 2008.

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