Was Your Vote Counted?

Publication: Newsweek

Author: Katie Paul

02/05/2008 - Hanging chads haven't made an appearance so far, but Florida's next-door neighbor Georgia seemed to encounter a few problems of its own during the Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses. In addition to hourlong waits to vote reported early in the day, local radio station WMGT is now reporting that Obama officials have asked Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel to investigate complaints that elderly people in Atlanta received  calls offering to allow them to vote by phone—which is not in fact possible. Where do states stand on safeguarding against voting irregularities? NEWSWEEK's Katie Paul spoke with Doug Chapin, director of Pew's Electionline.org, a project developed in response to the 2000 election controversies, which currently has two dozen people stationed in various states to monitor the process.

Read the full article Was Your Vote Counted? on the Newsweek Web site.

Pew is no longer active in this line of work, but for more information, please visit electionline.org.

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