Shayla Harris in a New York Times ad (Fall 2007 Trust Magazine briefing)

Source Organization: Pew International Reporting Project at Johns Hopkins University

12/03/2007 - "Video journalists with a capital J,” stated the advertising supplement to The New York Times, featuring the Times “V.J.s,” who report, write, shoot and edit their own videos. One of the V.J.s was Shayla Harris, a 2003 fellow in the Pew International Reporting Project at Johns Hopkins University.

At that time, Harris was employed by NBC, where she subsequently earned a George Foster Peabody Award for “The Education of Ms. Groves,” a documentary on a first-year teacher that she shot and produced for Dateline NBC. From 2000 to 2005, Harris worked on a number of award-winning documentaries for Dateline, including “Pattern of Suspicion,” an investigation of racial profiling in Cincinnati,and “Children of War,” on Ugandan child soldiers.

Her Pew fellowship allowed Harris to travel to Sweden for six weeks to shoot a short documentary on race and immigration. Her videos “have captured sensitive subjects ranging from a series on aging to a portrait of a Koranic school in Queens to a Berlin travelogue,” the Times said.

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