UK Slips Down Global Green Investment Rankings

Publication: The Guardian

Author: Fiona Harvey

03/29/2011 - The UK is rapidly losing the race to be the global powerhouse of the green economy, while other countries streak ahead in low-carbon technology investment and development, according to rankings published on Tuesday.

Last year, the UK slumped from being third in the world in terms of investment in green growth, to only 13th place, , according to a report by the respected US Pew Environment Group.

This means the UK now ranks well behind developing countries such as Brazil, in sixth place, India in 10th place and China in first place.


The Pew report blamed the UK's fall down the ranking on "a sharp decline in offshore wind energy investments and uncertainty surrounding [government] policy".

Phyllis Cuttino, director of Pew's clean energy programme, said: "National policy matters - investment follows policy. We've seen that again and again."

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