Opinion: Sustainable Fisheries Work for New England

Publication: The Portland Press Herald

Author: Tom Allen

03/20/2011 - During my 12 years in Congress, I worked closely with groundfishermen. It was their feedback and insight that inspired me to collaborate with members from both sides of the aisle to improve the primary law governing the management of our country's fisheries.

This achievement marked a desperately needed change that ended sanctioned overfishing in U.S. waters. Unfortunately, some are now seeking to sacrifice years of work toward rebuilding regional fisheries for the sake of short-term profits.

Sadly, such progress toward ending overfishing came to pass after a decade and a half of mismanagement under which both fish and coastal communities suffered.

For decades, fleets in New England followed so called "days-at-sea" regulations. This system limited time spent on the ocean and the amount of catch brought home each day.

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