EPA Data Show CAFO Air Pollution Exceeds Federal Standards

Publication: E&E Publishing

Author: Amanda Peterka

03/09/2011 - Air pollution levels at industrial livestock operations are high enough to suggest that the health of workers and people living in rural communities may be in danger, according to a report released today by the Environmental Integrity Project.

The report is an analysis of raw data released by U.S. EPA in January from an industry-funded study carried out by Purdue University researchers. The National Air Emissions Monitoring Study looked at confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in nine different states, monitoring them for ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, particulate matter and other possible contaminants.


Large hog and dairy CAFOs, the study found, also release amounts of hydrogen sulfide that are comparable to those released by oil refineries. Fine particulate matter exceeded federal standards on the worst days at six of 15 study sites.

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