Resistance to Factory Pig Farming Gathers Steam

Publication: Huffington Post

Author: Tracy Worcester

03/08/2011 - This week my film Pig Business will have its U.S. premiere on Capitol Hill. As the film's director, I believe this story comes to the United States at a very timely moment -- as unionized workers and other citizens are showing their determination to fight back against being stripped of their bargaining rights, which, I see as part of an international citizens' movement opposed to ever greater corporate greed and control.

The movie tells the tale of pork production's industrialization as it demonstrates the increasing influence corporations exert over all aspects of peoples' lives, including over governments that are supposed to protect their citizens.

But against the huge resources that meat producers' lobby firms, their advisers and a pro-corporate Congress can muster, there is a resistance that the industry fears most, a mounting disgust by consumers as they become aware of the grim realities of factory farming and are beginning to turn away from their products.

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