ERRATA - City Councils in Philadelphia and Other Major Cities

Source Organization: Philadelphia Research Initiative

02/08/2011 - The following errors were found subsequent to the release of the report City Councils in Philadelphia and Other Major Cities: Who Holds Office, How Long They Serve, and How Much It All Costs. They have been corrected in the online PDF.
The accurate information is in bold. Originally published information appears in the brackets.

On page two, the sixth bullet point incorrectly lists Pittsburgh as having non-partisan elections. The sentence now reads: Democrats dominate councils in the six [not five] cities that have party-based voting. The other nine [not 10] cities have non-partisan elections. On page 14, the first sentence of the first paragraph now reads: In the six [not five] cities that hold partisan elections, Democrats occupy most or all of the council seats. In addition to Philadelphia, the cities are Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh and Washington.

On page 11, the second sentence of the last paragraph miscalculated the number of candidates Philadelphia voters get to select. The sentence now reads: Among the 15 cities, Philadelphia voters have one of the highest [not the second highest] number of choices at six [not eight], one vote for a district council member plus five [not seven] votes for at-large members in the general election.

On page 15, the last paragraph mistakenly names New York instead of Los Angeles as one of the cities that provide members with city-owned cars. The sentence now reads: Three cities—Philadelphia, Los Angeles [not New York] and Detroit—provide members with city-owned cars at city expense, if members want them.

On page 16, in the second-to-last paragraph, the second sentence mistakenly included San Diego as one of the cities that did not have a council member faced with an indictment or investigation. It was corrected to read: Fourteen [not 13] of the 15 cities, all but Phoenix [not Phoenix and San Diego], had at least one member in such a situation. The paragraph also clarified the timing of the analysis, and now reads: “as of the end of 2010.” In addition, the second-to-last paragraph had an editing error. The last sentence was meant to be a city-by-city list of council members in the past decade who have been convicted—or are currently facing indictment—for serious offenses while in office or soon after leaving office [not a list of members forced out of office due to corruption.] The full revised paragraph now reads:

Beyond numerous election and ethics violations, a number of current and former council members were convicted in the past 10 years or were facing open indictment as of the end of 2010 on serious offenses allegedly committed during their terms. Fourteen of the 15 cities, all but Phoenix, had at least one member in such a situation. New York had four, and there were two each for Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles and San Antonio. In 2006, Philadelphia council member Rick Mariano was convicted of a bribery charge.

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