Letter: Another View On Poultry Farming

Publication: The Daily Times

Author: Dave Burden

01/29/2011 - To the editor:

I am writing to express my concern with the associations made in this paper between sustainable family farms and the massive, industrial-scale factory farming currently being proposed in both Northampton and Accomack counties, as well as the wide ranging effects that accompany these corporate chicken factories.

Responsible family farmers are some of the most active and invested preservationists in our community. On the Eastern Shore we are especially fortunate to have many farmers who have seen the potential in aquaculture and have turned their work ethic, experience, and wealth of knowledge toward this growing industry.

These farmers understand that virtually all of the problems we face with water quality start on the land. These are the farmers who are working hard to find new ways of reducing their impact on our waterways, while simultaneously increasing their profits and production on their land.

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