Chicago Jobless Rate Drops to 8.6% in December

Publication: Chicago Sun-Times

Author: Francine Knowles

01/28/2011 - The unemployment rate in the Chicago metropolitan area fell to 8.6 percent in December from 8.9 percent in November and dropped over the year, the Illinois Department of Employment Security said Thursday.

The rate fell from 10.6 percent in December 2009, but the area lost 28,900 jobs over the period.


In national unemployment news released Thursday, updated research from the Pew Charitable Trusts found that a high level of education provides only limited protection against long-term joblessness.

Thirty-one percent of unemployed workers with a bachelor’s degree have been without work for a year or longer, compared to 36 percent of unemployed high school graduates and 33 percent of unemployed high school drop outs, Pew said based on an analysis of the Labor Department’s December unemployment report. Pew also found that older workers who lose their jobs are the most likely to remain out of work for at least a year.

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