Makers of Livestock Drugs in Talks on Restrictions

Publication: The Des Moines Register

Author: Philip Brasher

01/25/2011 - The Food and Drug Administration is asking drug manufacturers to voluntarily restrict the use of antibiotics in hogs and other livestock, and so far the agency has received a “good response” from the companies, a senior official said today.

The FDA wants to stop medically important antibiotics from being given to livestock for growth promotion and limit their use to treatment or prevention of disease.

Mike Taylor, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for foods, said the agency is pursuing the voluntary approach because of the “very cumbersome, very time consuming” legal process involved in changing the approved uses for drugs.

“We’re not taking the regulatory options off the table, but we think we can make more progress faster working collaboratively with the industry and we intend to pursue that vigorously,” Taylor said, speaking at a conference on food-safety issues. He did not disclose the names of the companies or say how many were in talks with the FDA.


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