Fisheries Bill Now in Subcommittee

Publication: Outer Banks Sentinal

Author: Susan West

12/11/2007 - US Rep. Walter B. Jones (R-NC) told a House subcommittee Wednesday that federal law is failing the nation's commercial and recreational fishing communities.

Jones said a 10-year deadline for rebuilding depleted fish stocks to healthy, sustainable levels doesn't allow fisheries managers to minimize the economic dislocation that can result from fishing restrictions.

"What we need is flexibility so that rebuilding can be done on a responsible timeline that allows for the stock to recover without making fishing communities extinct," Jones said in remarks at a hearing on rebuilding overfished fisheries.


"If a few extra years would impose a less harsh economic burden on affected communities while still achieving the relevant targets, that is a reasonable way of helping to preserve local economies," Frank said.

But Lee Crockett, director of federal fisheries policy with The Pew Charitable Trusts' Environment Group, told the subcommittee that conservation could be compromised if rebuilding deadlines are extended to address economic impacts.

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