The View from the Other Side

Source Organization: Pew Research Center for the People & the Press

Author: Michael Dimock

11/19/2007 - Even though nearly all voters with a partisan leaning intend to vote in their own party's primaries or caucuses, many do have opinions about the candidates running in the other party's contests. Hillary Clinton's unpopularity among Republicans is abundantly clear. Just 11% of Republican voters say they would like to see Clinton win the Democratic nomination, compared with 45% of Democratic voters nationwide who back Clinton. The current Republican frontrunner -- Rudy Giuliani -- is far less polarizing. A slim 25% plurality of Democratic voters say they would like to see Giuliani win the GOP nomination, just slightly fewer than among Republican voters themselves (31%).

While a 33% plurality of Republican voters express no opinion about the Democratic contest (22% say they want to see "none" get nominated, 11% say they just don't know), Barack Obama and John Edwards stand out as the most favored Democratic candidates. Roughly a fifth (21%) of Republican voters say they would like to see Obama win the Democratic nomination, and 17% would like to see Edwards win. Notably, Joe Biden also garners significantly more enthusiasm among Republican voters (8% would like to see him win the Democratic nomination) than within his own party (2%).

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