Fishermen Fight Lower Catch Limits

Publication: Asbury Park Press

Author: Kirk Moore

11/15/2007 - As New Jersey's flounder fishermen form a new advocacy group, environmental activists want federal authorities to impose a lower 2008 limit on the summer flounder fishing fleet, and call the impending decision a test case for the newly reformed Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act.

At the moment, the government's intent to endorse a 15.77 million pounds limit next year "fails to ensure that overfishing will not occur. Given that this fishery has been subjected to overfishing since 1982, that is a significant question," said Lee R. Crockett, who leads the Pew Charitable Trusts' project to reform federal fisheries management.

In a Tuesday conference call with reporters, Crockett said his group will press the National Marine Fisheries Service to impose a lower 11.64 million pounds limit recommended by scientists when a final rule is issued in December. Asked if a lawsuit against NMFS is in the wings, Crockett said Pew itself does not litigate environmental cases, but it has financed other groups that do.

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