Fishermen, Conservationists Decry Inshore Herring Trawlers

Publication: The Ellsworth American

Author: Stephen Rappaport

11/08/2007 - Listen to a bunch of Maine fishermen talking about fisheries management and environmental organizations and you’ll eventually hear at least seven opinions on the subject. So it’s a little surprising to find a lot of fishermen supporting the position of the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), even if they don’t know that they do.

The New England Fisheries Management Council (NEFMC), the group that sets fisheries regulations for the waters off the coast of Maine, is meeting in Newport, R.I., this week. On hand to urge that the council change the way the Atlantic herring fishery is managed will be a coalition that includes groups as diverse as the Pew Charitable Trusts, the CLF, the Downeast Lobstermen’s Association, the Stonington Fisheries Alliance and the Gulf of Maine tuna fishing industry.

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