Identifying Sustainable Seafood Can Be a Fishing Expedition

Publication: San Francisco Chronicle

Author: Olivia Wu

10/19/2007 - Seafood - the must-have omega-3 source - that we buy and eat can make a difference in the health of the oceans. Exactly what fish we take from the oceans, how much and how it is caught impacts the interconnected chain of ocean life.

"We absolutely know we cannot take out of the ocean the same amount of life that we have in the past. We will lose most of these species," said Josh Reichert, managing director of the Pew Environment Group. Increasingly high-volume and industrial fishing methods don't give fish stocks a chance to replenish. Some fishing methods - for example, most long-line fishing - capture and kill other marine animals and birds, called bycatch. Other methods, such as trawling, can rake and ruin the ocean floor, destroying the habitat of many other species.

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